Symbiotic Recommends: 10 Albums, March 2012

21 03 2012

by Jericho Cerrona
March 22, 2012

Stream all 10 songs here, pop-up player also available:
[mp3-jplayer tracks="Disappears -- Replicate@,Django Django -- WOR@,Pilgrim -- Adventurer@,Dunes -- Falling@,Triathalon -- Friends@,Doc Qaffles -- Who's Holding?@,Darling Chemicalia -- Get Desperate@,Trust -- Shoom@,Cloud Nothings -- Stay Useless@,Ketamines -- Teenage Rebellion Time@"]

Disappears “Pre Language”


The third album from Chicago’s Disappears is a rumbling barrage of midtempo grooves, squalling guitars, and vocalist Brian Case’s best Ian Curtis impersonation. It’s not exactly an original sound, but the band stomp out their grimy Krautrock with aplomb.

Django Django “Django Django”


This cheeky east London four-piece use synthesizers, reverberating tempos, tribal drums, and mantra-like echoed vocals on their self-titled debut to beguiling effect. Already generating major buzz in the UK, Django Django’s groove-heavy combination of styles very well may have serious cross over appeal.

Pilgrim “Misery Wizard”


Pilgrim deliver a fearsome descent into doom metal hell on Misery Wizard, a debut that marches through a thick fog of sludgy guitar drone, crunchy basslines, and submerged vocals that wail like the ghost of Black Sabbath. There’s nothing all that original going on here, but the Rhode Island trio hammers home their old school doom like seasoned pros.



Dunes “Noctiluca”


Dunes are a reverb-pop trio from LA that sound like a more relaxed, less girl riot version of Wild Flag. Vocalist Stephanie Chan’s ethereal crooning barely ever rises above the echoed guitars and lush atmosphere, but the post-C86 vibe never feels gimmicky, and there’s hooks buried underneath all that jangle.



Triathalon “Relationchips”


Hailing from Savannah, Georgia and featuring catchy hooks and shimmering guitar chords, Triathalon is a four-piece that’s conjured an EP brimming with the vitality of surf rock and crunch of slacker pop. The brainchild of musician Adam Intrator, Relationchips has been remastered from archived material, giving the 5-song release a sheen than most lo-fi bands shy away from.


Doc Waffles “How to Shoot Quail”

“Who’s Holding”

Emcee Doc Waffles (aka Ben Ness) joins the list of surprisingly nimble hip-hop artists creeping out of Detroit, which includes Benjamin Miles, Eddie Logix, and Beverly Fre$h. On his surreal and dazzling LP How to Shoot Quail, the rapper swathes his rhymes around old literacy references and pop culture asides to the tune of some dense beats and snazzy samples.



Darlingchemicalia “Masking’”

“Get Desperate”

Sacramento’s Darlingchemicalia continue their brand of eerily evocative pop music on Masking, made up of music written during the same time as last year’s stunning LP Valleys. Whereas that record was heavy on the guitar drone and singer/guitarist Ian Bone’s high-pitched falsetto, Masking sees the four-piece stripping things down even more. The album is full of pop love songs, albeit pop love songs filtered through layers of fuzzy guitars, ghostly vocals, and an atmosphere of impending dread.


Trust “Trst””


Toronto-based duo Trust play a form of gloomy electronica that’s quite popular right now. Think 1980’s-inspired keyboards, booming drum machine beats, and detached vocals, but Maya Postepski (from the similarly sounding Austra) and Robert Alfons layer their darkwave goth with a sinister edge that’s the perfect soundtrack for a dance floor drenched in mascara and black hair dye.



Cloud Nothings “Attack on Memory”

“Stay Useless”

Ohio’s Cloud Nothings harken back to the good old days of 1990’s-era post-punk and angular indie rock with conviction and swagger on Attack on Memory, an album that has its fair share of noisy, sprawling songs that would feel right at home in the company of seminal acts like Sunny Day Real Estate and Drive Like Jehu.

Ketamines “Spaced Out”

“Teenage Rebellion Time”

Talk about an appropriate album title. Ketamines lay down some seriously weird psych-pop on Spaced Out, an LP saturated in guitar fuzz, reverb, bouncy “bubblegum pop” vocals, and spastic percussion, but the best thing about this Calgary band is their willingness to inject the garage rock genre with a heavy dose of loopy humor.


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2 responses to “Symbiotic Recommends: 10 Albums, March 2012”

14 04 2012
Rich (08:19:38) :

I’m liking Doc Waffles and Disappears! Wasn’t aware of either so thanks for the heads up, really enjoying Disappears brand of kraut/garage rock!

16 04 2012
symbioticreviews (10:10:51) :

Awesome! Glad you are digging the tunes. :)

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