23 10 2011

Milk Party
Dos Leches

Milk Party is a Sacramento, California two-piece that blaze through six tracks of skuzzy rock’n’roll on Dos Leches, an album being released both digitally and on cassette. The whole thing comes across like rebellious 1960’s pop songs filtered through layers of grimy fuzz and played with the spirit of punk. Sure, there are ton of bands doing the revisionist thing these days, tweaking various styles and tones into a musical hodgepodge, but Milk Party get away with it because they don’t seem to give two shits about what people think. Check out the way opener “Employee of the Month” barrels right out of the gate with a mixture of lo-fi garage rock and post-hardcore (wailing guitar solos, shouted gang vocals, muddy production), and then segues into the rollicking “The Perfect Date”, which sounds like a 1950’s prom song with extra grime. There’s also slacker party rock (“Hell’s Angel Dust”) Weezer-esque alt-ballads (“Hamburger Heartbreak”), and goofy anthems about the ideal pizza (“Burnt Crust”), but what sets the band apart is their willingness to let loose and rip. Though the production is certainly in the DIY mode, the album never comes across like a slog through swamps of tape hiss, with relatively clean vocals and  interweaving guitar lines separated nicely from all the reverb. Listening to Dos Leches feels strangely nostalgic, almost as if one is being transported to some grungy house party in the nexus of the universe, pitched somewhere between different decades.

“Hells Angel Dust” by Milk Party

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